Why wait for better technology consulting when The time is now!

See us as a business partner that gets the job done

We are the experts in solving technology problems

Count on our managed services to give you peace of mind

Our clients stand out from the crowd with our quality custom made mobile applications

We are forward thinking technology experts that point you in the right direction


We provide a full range of services and technology solutions from strategy and consulting to implementation and management

    • Conduct Detailed Information Technology
    • Business Process Analysis
    • Solution Development and Implementation

    Business Process

    • People
    • Analytics Tools
    • Data Driven Strategy
    • Results

    Big Data & Analytics

    • Application Management
    • Application Development Services
    • Integration Services
    • Application Support

    Application Services

    • State of MA ITS 43 Workforce Management
    • State of MA ITS 43 Technical Specialist
    • State of Indiana IT Workforce Management
    • State of Indiana IT Projects
    • State of Florida Workforce Management

    Government Solutions

    • Consultation
    • Assessment
    • Plan and Design

    Mobility Services

    • Fixed Full Time Equivalent
    • Project Employees
    • Time and Material

    Workforce Management

Who we are

STLogics is a Technology Company providing Technology Solutions and Business consulting.

We specialize in offering Business Consulting and Solutions in areas of Application Services, Mobile Application Development, System Integration, Big Data and comprehensive Managed Services.

In addition, we provide industry-specific Technology Services with Financial, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Media, Telecommunication, Manufacturing and Distribution sectors.

Since inception, one underlying motto has laid the foundation of what it is today; What goes around, comes around. Bring aboard talented, nurture them, they will give the Clients their best and in turn the satisfied clients provide for repeat business. This simple philosophy inspired us to create STLogics, a woman and minority owned enterprise providing quality and cost effective IT solutions to Clients nationwide. At STLogics, we believe relationships go beyond just providing human resources to deliver Products and services

We work as a true partner to our Clients. Our proven models, methodologies and industry best practices are the key to our success. Our expertise and commitment helps us develop new business models, networks, and partnerships. We have proven to be reliable and our clients testify our post sales service as a key differentiator. Our transparency in communication and responsiveness make us the best at retaining our clients on the same note invite prospective business to understand our services.